Is quick heal total security good for your windows pc or mac devices?



In India, we have lots of brands of antivirus and they are providing different types of services like antivirus, internet security, server security, or total security

But the majority group of Indians always choose quick heal products and the Indians trust quick heal.

in India quick heal total security and quick antivirus pro is the most selling products.

why quick heal total security is best for an Indian computer user and its features?

Quick heal total security is available for all devices just like android, windows, and also for mac devices.

Quick heal total security features for windows:

Quick-Heal-total security1

Ransomeware protection:

In this feature, the Quick heal monitor your programs and their behavior.
if the program detects any ransomware attack then he quickly backup all the important data and you can easily restore them.

Core protection:

it is the most important feature of this product.
This feature is a combination of some important kind of features like antivirus, anti-rootkits, and ids/ips.
that feature works together to provide you the best experience of security.

Enhanced Self-Protection:

This feature quick heal’s product stopped unwanted services and the process of providing you a faster experience.

web security:

In this feature, the quick heal’s product automatically blocks all the dangerous and infected websites.

Malware protection:

It protects your pc against the spyware, adware and also riskware and other malware.

Silent Mode:

the unwanted notification prompts are some risky for the security so the quick heal product blocks all those types of notification and prompts.

emails protection:

this feature blocks all the emails which are contained spammy and harmful attachments and links.


anti-keylogger is the kind of programs that used by the hacker for data stealing.
An anti-keylogger is the program that is developed by the quick heal to prevent and protects you from a keylogger.

Import and export settings:

It is a very useful feature for the new user because in this feature you can easily import and export the settings for the one computer to another computer with some clicks.

Safe banking:

after using the quick heal products you can book online tickets, pay the bills and do other transactions securely.

Improved Scan Engine:

The quick heal total security is using a hybrid scan engine that is very fast and takes very less resource.

Quick heal remote device management:

this is a portal that is free and introduced by the quick heal to remotely manage your quick heal enables devices.

Browser sandbox:

this feature takes your browser in a safer environment and blocks all the malicious download to reaching your computer.

Advanced DNA Scans:

These features are detected all the unknown threats by analyzing program behavior.

Vulnerability Scan:

vulnerability scan detects all the loopholes that an attacker can use to highjack your computer.
After scanning this feature also display the steps to how you fix that.

Pc Tuner:

it’s a user-friendly optimization tool that can help to boost your computer performance.

Data theft protection:

In this feature, no one program can copy your data without your permission.

Virtual keyboard:

the data-stealing programs are always recorded what are you typing to prevent you from data-stealing the quick heal also have a virtual keyboard.

PC2Mobile Scan:

Now you also clean your all the mobile via you Pc yon need only connect the device from your Pc.

Parental control:

this feature is for controlling your kid activities on the internet.
It helps you to save your kids from the internet dark side.

privacy Protection:

these features ensure securing all the sensitive data.


a firewall is a very necessary and important thing in the field of computer and cybersecurity
because the firewall protects your system from external threats.

Flash drive protection:

this feature protects your computer’s from the infected USB drives and pen drives.

Safe mode protection:

In this feature unauthorised doesn’t make any changes in the quick heal settings.

Quick heal total security For MAC:

quic heal total security for mac

Mac devices are the best devices for computing so that reason it’s very expensive.
you are never want to know is your mac device is infected by the certain malicious program that’s why you need quick heal total security.

complete MAC Security:

Quick heal product is the best security product for mac devices.
it is providing complete security against malware, trojans, and virus.

parental control:

for Mac, the quick heal also has parental control features.

web security:

In this feature quick heal providing cloud-based security.its means all the security feature is more efficient.

Anti-spam and email security:

In This Feature quick heal blocks all the spammy and unsafe email attachments and links.

Quick Heal Remote Device Management:

Quick heal total security also has RDM Feature.


Quick Heal Total Security for Android



Quick heal products kill them all running apps that you cannot use and that’s why your mobile speed will increase.


it does not use those apps which is harmful to the battery


In this Quick heal total security prevent your phone for data loss.

Data Usage:

It is stopped those apps which unknowingly consumed mobile data so that reason your phone has more efficient data management.


App Acess:

In this, you can lock all the private apps for protecting your sensitive data.


you can protect all your videos, audios, call logs,  documents in a private folder.

blocks numbers:

in this, you can block all the unwanted calls.

Privacy Advisor:

In this feature, the security product advises you on how to get more and more security.


Vulnerability Scan:

The Quick heal total security Scan your phone and display each and every vulnerability.

Fingerprint Unlock:

If your mobile phone supports the fingerprint sensor then you secure each and everything via fingerprint.


In this Feature, antivirus protects your phone from viruses and malicious programs, etc.


For All the Features And its price all the Indians always prefer the Quick heal product.

quick heal providing the best cybersecurity solutions At the reliable rates with the 24/7 customer support.

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