Quick Heal Antivirus Pro 1 Pc 1 Year

Validity : 1 Year from date of Activation


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Quick Heal Antivirus Pro 1 Pc 1 Year

Total Ransomware Protection :-

In this feature quick heal antivirus pro provides you the total and best ransomware protection to your sensitive data against a critical ransomware attack.

It automatically detects all the unknown ransomware and blocks the ransomware to enter in your device system.

This feature is very very important and also very useful because the ransomware attack is increase day by day it means your personal and sensitive data might be at risk.

So that reason this feature is one of the most important features in quick heal antivirus pro and other quick heal’s products.

Web Security :-

This feature automatically blocks all access to your devices from infected and unsecured websites. In other words, you can now browse anything on the web without any fear of your security breach.

Firewall :-

A firewall is one of the most important features of quick heal antivirus pro.

A firewall is like your device system gatekeeper and it also blocks all the external threats of computers.

The firewalls are necessary for all the systems because it protects your device from external threats.

For example DDoS Attacks And other Hackers Attacks.

Advanced DNAScan :-

In this feature, the Quick heal antivirus pro is always monitoring your system program’s behavior. So that reason when the system detects any threat in your system as well as in the program then it is automatically blocked that program and threat.

Anti-Key-logger :-

Key-logger is a type of program which is hacker uses to steal your sensitive data like user id and password.

Key-logger is Collect all the keyboard input that you can type using your keyboard.

That’s why anti-Key-logger is necessary for your system and quick heal antivirus pro includes this feature at a single price.

Improved Scan Engine:-

The newer version of this security product is very fast and very light for System.

The virus and threat scan engine are consumed very little resources so that it’s very fast and light.

In short, your device performance is also optimized.

Import and Export Settings :-

In this feature, you can easily import and export all the security settings with a single click from one device to another. After that this process you don’t need to twice configuration of quick heal antivirus pro system settings,

Browser Sandbox :-

Browser sandbox is like a shield when you use the internet then the sandbox is provided safer and uninterrupted experiences. Similarly, It blocks all the malicious threats on the web to enter and affect your system. In short, now your browsing experience is also boosted.

Flash Drive Protection :-

In this feature, a quick heal antivirus pro is scanning all the external storage to prevent your system from infection Similarly Auto run infection. It also gives you protection from data-stealing by the rubber ducky  Pendrive and other external storage.

Track My Laptop :-

This feature is very useful in case, however, your laptop was lost and stolen after that you can easily find as well as track  Your laptop. Only you need to know your quick heal user id and password. This feature is most using features in quick heal antivirus pro and as well as s other products.

Safe Mode Protection :-

This feature is most important because this feature cannot apply any system and settings changes by unauthorized users. In short, without proper user id and password, no one can change your settings. So That reason you now tension-free of unauthorized system settings in features of quick heal antivirus pro.

Quick Heal Remote Device Management (RDM) :-

RDM is one of the most useful features of the quick heal antivirus pro and quick heal’s other product.

In this feature, you can access all your quick heal using the device remotely.

By using RDM   you can easily access your Quick heal antivirus pro Features from anywhere at any time.

Enhanced Self-Protection :-

This feature blocks all the running Process which can be tempered your system. In other words, it optimizes your security.

Stay Connected :-

The Quick heal has 247 customer support and also Facebook and Twitter page which always sends you security news and alerts.

If you need any help with the quick heal antivirus and quick heal antivirus pro feature then feel free to contact quick heal’s world-class customer support.

Now you can also be connected via the facebook page, Instagram page, twitter

Silent Mode :-

This feature blocks all the unwanted notification and prompts to provide you a better performance.

It provides you Silent and concentrated environment for completing the most important work on your computer and laptop devices.

In short, your gaming and other activity experience are getting a  boost.

Core Protection :-

Core protection is a very important function of a quick heal antivirus pro because this function detects and removes all the virus, worm, etc.

Automatic Backup :-

It includes ransomware protection, in case your device got ransomware attack at that time this function will work.

It is before attack creates a backup file of your sensitive data.

So that reason similarly this is the most important feature.

Malware Protection :-

Malware is an advanced form of virus a program it is 3 times more dangerous as compared as a virus.

Quick heal antivirus pro provides you better protection from malware, for example, adware, spyware, etc.

Email Security :-

In this feature quick heal antivirus pro blocks all the spamming and unsecured email links and attachments.

Some time Unsecured email attachments brutally damage your system that’s why email security is important.

System requirements –

Internet Explorer 6 or later
Internet connection to receive updates
1.1 GB hard disk space
System requirements for Quick Heal Antivirus Pro
Windows 10,8.1 / 8, 7, XP (Service Pack 2 and later), Windows 2000 (Service Pack), Processor: 1
Gigahertz (GHz) or faster, RAM: 1 gigabyte (GB) for 32-bit or 2 GB for 64-bit.

How to Install Quick Heal Antivirus Pro –

Download quick heal from https://www.quickheal.co.in/installer
Save the file
Run the file
It will download the EXE file
Run file
Downloaded exe file
Wait for some time
Click I Agree Next Next
Click Register Now
Put Key you purchase from http://antiviruskey.in

Note: for any inquiry  about the key kindly first call our customer support number: 91 9322222676

Or email us on  info@buyantiviruskey.in

 Happy Purchase.

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